How to declutter your control room

How to declutter your control room

How can you possibly ensure that your operation keeps working safely and reliably? Every day, the systems that need monitoring are piling up. And you can’t just keep adding monitoring systems, right?

It used to be simpler: not so long ago, you mainly had to monitor industry-specific, on-premises systems. But this is now expanding to ICT systems, all having different layers, some being on premises, others being hosted in the cloud.  

This also means that your operators need to quickly learn to interpret all this new data. And to be honest, the profiles you are looking for are starting to resemble ‘white ravens’: not only do they have to be able to understand all aspects of all different data sources, but they also must know when to act on what events.  

Exceptional management by exception

Management by exception is, of course, the solution here. But where traditional penalty box solutions merely indicate existing problems to the operators, DataMiner provides a vastly different solution, in three aspects :  

  • DataMiner derives exceptional situations from a combination of alarms, integrating data from a number of different systems over different protocols and technology layers. 
  • DataMiner visualizes these exceptions on personalized virtual desks with multiviewers, shareable dashboards, virtual operations desks, and more. 
  • DataMiner automatically takes action when encountering exceptional situations, e.g. automating recovery processes and creating support tickets. 

See the forest for the trees

With these features, your operators will finally see the forest for the trees again when confronted with complex exceptional situations.

With its patented AI technology, DataMiner creates focus and removes clutter from the operator’s working environment. This allows operators to easily pinpoint essential information with a laser focus. All in just one personalized space!   

Our DataMiner Management by Exception solution introduces the new, go-to way of working for control rooms and other confidence monitoring setups.

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