Home is where DataMiner is: Jan’s quest continues

Home is where DataMiner is: Jan’s quest continues

Jan Staelens, Principal System Developer, is getting closer to his smart home powered by DataMiner. He’s already on to the sixth episode of his YouTube series. If you watched all of them, you now know how to install DataMiner and to edit your Virtual Machine to be in line with software recommendations for underlying technologies. And you even got to join him on a little side quest in episode 5.

In his most recent upload, he means serious business with DataMiner being all set to go. Jan introduces you to the DataMiner Launcher, shows you how you can add products and elements, and the most exciting of all: he helps you install your very first smart home device!

Watch all episodes on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7qSFh3VqQecIFrlK0wcClw.

See also the previous blog about Jan’s quest: https://community.dataminer.services/home-is-where-dataminer-is-jans-quest/.

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