Home is where DataMiner is: Jan’s quest

Home is where DataMiner is: Jan’s quest

Did you know that Jan Staelens, one of our Principal System Developers, can’t get enough of DataMiner? Even at home, he can’t let his passion for our software go. That’s why he decided to create a series about how you can use the power of DataMiner to build yourself a smart home. The goal of his quest: to monitor, control and automate as much as possible in his own house.

You can already start watching, as the first three episodes have been uploaded on his YouTube channel. In the introduction episode, he gives you a little bit more information about DataMiner itself, what it exactly is he plans to do and starts off by getting his hardware up and running. It’s definitely worth the watch, so check it out and join Jan on his journey!

6 thoughts on “Home is where DataMiner is: Jan’s quest

  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Very entertaining to start with. And I’m also very curious to see how Jan is going to leverage all the features and capabilities of DataMiner in the context of a home automation system. Combining the power of DataMiner with a healthy dose of creativity, and this will end up to be the mother of all home automation systems 🙂

    • Jan Staelens

      Ah I don’t like too many spoilers of course but… yep!
      I already found an API that I can use to communicate with a Tesla car. It’s definitely going to be one of the things I’ll try and get running. I did find a couple of commands that were a bit questionable to me that I might not implement. Things like: Turn left, Turn right, go forward. I’m not sure it will be legal to turn my car into a remote control vehicle, haha.

      Next episode should hopefully release this week: Installing DataMiner.

    • Sam Stump

      You are now my favourite YouTuber Jan – thanks for sharing the journey.

      Very interested in getting dataminer installed at home to be able to accelerate my learning

      So far just 9 days into a new career as a dataminer administrator.

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