Empower your DevOps engineers with the DataMiner CI/CD infrastructure

Empower your DevOps engineers with the DataMiner CI/CD infrastructure

In an ever-changing world, operational continuity is key. That’s why one of the main goals that Skyline aims to achieve with its DataMiner ecosystem is to empower its users’ DevOps teams to build powerful and continuously evolving software. And our upcoming CI/CD infrastructure turns this into a very smooth process.

Take a look at this brief video where we showcase our internal development process for a connector using our tools and the upcoming CI/CD infrastructure.


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In this video, our colleague Pedro:

  1. Checks out an existing connector from our internal repository.
  2. Performs modifications using DataMiner Integration Studio (a Visual Studio plugin for developing DataMiner Connectors).
  3. Runs the new connector version in our development pipeline, which includes comprehensive quality checks.
  4. Publishes the new connector in the DataMiner Catalog for user consumption. 

Currently, DataMiner Systems can download new versions of a connector using the Protocol Update Center. But in the future, new versions could also be automatically deployed to cloud-connected agents. So make sure to keep an eye out for that right here on DOJO. 

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