Embed your AI tools into your operational workflows with DataMiner

Embed your AI tools into your operational workflows with DataMiner

In recent years, the surge of AI and AI-assisted operations has captured significant attention across various industries. Many ICT companies have started experimenting with AI, exploring use cases ranging from network operations to energy consumption, with a focus on enhancing workflows and improving efficiency.

The versatility of AI use cases is vast, presenting endless possibilities for innovation. However, to fully leverage AI’s capabilities, it’s essential to ensure that your current operations are AI-ready.

your AI use cases enabled by DataMiner

DataMiner not only boasts a wide array of embedded AI-based monitoring capabilities (“Augmented Operations“) but it also stands out as an open solution, empowering every DevOps engineer to use it as a canvas for embedding their preferred AI tools into their technical, business, and operational workflows.

DataMiner’s unique integration capabilities and CI/CD principles streamline the process of integrating third-party AI tools into your workflow, making it exceptionally straightforward.

The backbone behind this capability is the DataMiner digital twin, which provides clean and consistent access to metrics, data, and parameters for users and external systems alike, including AI toolkits. This seamless data flow is fundamental in providing accurate and relevant data to your AI tools and optimizing their performance.

Real-world examples from our customers demonstrate how they have successfully integrated third-party AI tools into their day-to-day operations using DataMiner, showcasing the tangible benefits of this powerful integration.

DataMiner as an AI engineer

Ensuring the quality and appropriateness of audience messages before they reach the on-air queue is crucial. This custom solution, integrated with DataMiner Automation and custom API calls, enables precise text analysis, sentiment categorization, and identification of potentially offensive content.

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AI-supported booking generation for SatOps operations

Considering the volume of contribution services in a typical broadcast operation, streamlining and automating the intake process of key parameters into a booking system represents a considerable opportunity to drive down cost, and reduce the margin for human error.

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