Developer documentation now available on GitHub

Developer documentation now available on GitHub

We’ve just completed the next big step in the migration of the DataMiner documentation to GitHub. Now all documentation that is relevant for developers can also be found on

All of the documentation that used to be available in the DataMiner Development Library is now available under Developer documentation, along with some extras. The web services documentation has also been moved to this new section.

To make sure that it’s perfectly aligned with the source code, some of the documentation will now be generated automatically. That does mean that there will be some sections in the developer documentation where you will not be able to provide your feedback directly in GitHub. If you do see something there that needs to be improved, contact us via

Everywhere else in the documentation, feel free to click that “Improve this Doc” link whenever you see something in need of a change. And if you’re not sure how something works on GitHub, remember that there’s a guide available here on Dojo.

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