DataMiner Storage as a Service (STaaS) is live

DataMiner Storage as a Service (STaaS) is live

September is here! And with it comes the promise of change as leaves gracefully cascade from trees, birds set their course for exotic destinations, and most notably, DataMiner Storage as a Service makes its much-anticipated debut!

Say yaas to STaaS

DataMiner Storage as a Service (STaaS) is no longer a dream on the horizon; it’s now accessible to all users. While we’ve been internally harnessing the power of STaaS, subjecting it to rigorous tests to ensure efficiency and stability, the time has arrived to take this innovation to the next level.

Starting this September, users can seamlessly integrate non-production systems into STaaS. And from October onward, support for production environments will be rolled out, too. Currently, data can only be stored in two regions: West Europe and West US. However, more regions will be added over time.

What is DataMiner Storage as a Service (STaaS) all about?

With DataMiner Storage as a Service (STaaS), you can simply connect your DMS to in a few clicks and start enjoying fast, secure, and reliable storage:

  • Effortless storage management: no need to mess around with storage clusters or VMs
  • Easy installation: installed in just a few clicks
  • High scalability: start small and grow as you go
  • Cost-effective: only pay for what you use
  • Fast, secure & reliable: learn more about how we keep safe and secure

You can learn more about STaaS on “DataMiner STaaS: a game-changer for your storage needs“.

Want to explore the potential of STaaS? Reach out to your Skyline representative or drop us an email at

DaaS gets even more magical

With Storage as a Service now available, the magic of our DataMiner as a Service (DaaS) platform intensifies as it fully harnesses the power of STaaS. And that’s not all! We can now even conjure up test and development systems with the simple tap of a button.

That’s right! We’re on a mission to make your life simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Just imagine the potential of having a fully operational DataMiner System at your fingertips, ready in just a matter of minutes. Whether you need training, want to engage in exercises, or need to dive into development and testing, DaaS has you covered.

As of today, you can only use DaaS by contacting us, after which we’ll make a DaaS DataMiner System available to you. But here’s the exciting bit: starting October, a magic button will appear on that will let YOU spin up an entire DataMiner System in the cloud in no time!

What is DataMiner as a Service (DaaS) all about?

Imagine spinning up a whole new DataMiner System with a single click, and immediately getting access to a wide range of capabilities for streamlined and worry-free solution development.

You can learn more about DaaS on “Sneak peek: DataMiner as a Service in action“.

Yearning to tinker with DaaS? Reach out to your Skyline representative or drop us an email at, and we’ll set the magic in motion for you.

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding DataMiner STaaS and DataMiner as a Service!

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