DataMiner Pricing

DataMiner is available as Perpetual Use Licenses or in two flavors of Usage-Based models, namely the Pay-per-Use Plan and Subscription Plan.

Usage-Based Perpetual
pay-per-use subscription
DataMiner Stack Hosting Self-Hosted On-prem / Private Cloud / Hybrid
DataMiner as a ServiceSkyline-hosted, i.e. SaaS -
Required Data Storage Self-Hosted On-prem / private Cloud / Hybrid Cassandra & Elastic Clusters
Cloud Service ProvidersAWS Elastic as a Service, MSFT Cassandra Managed Instances
DataMiner Storage as ServiceSkyline-Hosted 1
Support Evolve NA depending on yearly subscription level optional
Community NA

[1] (incl. with DMaaS)

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    More information can be found on DataMiner Docs.