DataMiner Integration Studio v2.30 Release

DataMiner Integration Studio v2.30 Release

DIS version 2.30 is now available for download.

This new version contains, amongst other, the following highlights.

Validation of QAction Get and Set calls

All protocol Get and Set calls (GetParameter, SetParameter, FillArray, SetRow, etc) are now analyzed in order to detect the following:

  • Usage of unrecommended magic numbers instead of Parameter class.
  • References to non-existing parameter IDs.
  • Usage of HistorySet overloads while historySet attribute is missing in the corresponding parameter.

Detection of DELT-incompatible calls

Validator will now detect QAction calls that are not DELT-compatible.

For example, it will now detect when only an element ID is specified in cases where a DMA ID is also required.

Validator & Major Change Checker

In the Validator and the Major Change Checker, a large number of false positives have been fixed.

Various small IDE improvements

Here, the focus was on quality. As announced in the latest “Coming soon” blog post, sexy new features will be added to the next release.

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