DIS – Upcoming new features

DIS – Upcoming new features

The DIS team is currently working hard on two major new features that will have a big impact while working on automation script development tasks.

Automation script debugging

It’s already possible to debug QActions in a driver with DIS for a long time, but now this will become possible for automation scripts as well. Replacing the DLL of DataMiner with a debug version of the DLL, attaching to the SLManagedAutomation process, triggering the script will all be possible, immediately from within DIS. No clumsy workarounds will be needed anymore.

Note: to use this feature, DataMiner main release 10.1.0 / feature release 10.0.6 or higher is required.

Automation script as a solution

Just like it is already possible for protocols, it will also become possible to develop automation scripts in a solution-based manner, bringing the same advantages.

  • Multiple files per script
  • Integration in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Etc.

Both features will be released before the end of the year.

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