DataMiner Dashboards: full course available now!

DataMiner Dashboards: full course available now!

Good news! We just released the last 11 videos of the Dashboards course. The features discussed in this course rely on the DataMiner 10.0 main release.

Yes, you read it well: these are the last videos for now. But no worries, this course will be updated with new content along with new features that are released.

In the meantime, you can check out this new content!

Theming (1 video)

This session explains the different levels of theming in DataMiner Dashboards. You will learn how to create your own themes.

Using Dashboards (5 videos)

This session places the DataMiner Dashboards in a broader perspective. Can you embed a dashboard in other applications? Or share dashboards with users outside the DataMiner domain? How about security?

Advanced (5 videos)

This session explores the more advanced data sources and visualizations like Spectrum and GQI. It includes some special options and configuration, and illustrates the concept of a dashboard gateway. Finally, you will learn how to get a real “app” experience with the different DataMiner Applications.

Happy learning!

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