Best Practices Analyzer

Best Practices Analyzer

I’m proud to introduce you to a new component in System Center. We’ve been working on the Best Practices Analyzer (BPA). This will be available in

With the Best Practices Analyzer, you will be able to run a series of tests that validate best practices on your DataMiner system. Tests can be run on a single DMA or on the full cluster. They will check for common configuration mistakes, system errors, inefficient structures, etc.

Failing tests will provide an information message on the detected issue. Some of the tests will even be able to apply corrective actions.

We will continue to create new tests, and you will be able to add these tests to your system.

This is just a first MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We already have several ideas to expand this, such as a summary overview of all tests, scheduled test runs, etc.

Let us know what you think! Which tests would you like?

4 thoughts on “Best Practices Analyzer

  1. Koen Cools

    Thanks Lander, I know already a first customer where we will need the capability to schedule a test. Looking forward to see the coming releases of the BPA.

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