Available now: Interactive Automation script example package

Available now: Interactive Automation script example package

The Interactive Automation Script (IAS) Toolkit is a helpful tool that makes the process of developing interactive Automation scripts a whole lot easier. However, you may still encounter challenges or deal with uncertainties. To address this, we're now offering an example package to aid in acquainting yourself with interactive Automation scripts! 

Get started by deploying the interactive Automation script example package directly from the DataMiner Catalog.

Prefer diving into some documentation first? Go ahead! Here are some relevant sections:

The package currently contains two examples:  

1. The IAS_DropDownFilter script showcases how to efficiently use the filter option in a dropdown component. This can be a huge timesaver, eliminating the need to scroll through an endless list of options.

2. The IAS_DynamicButtonList script highlights how to make a dynamic button panel, complete with the ability to filter the displayed buttons.

This package serves as a continuously expanding repository of standalone interactive Automation scripts using the IAS Toolkit.

Each script hones in on a specific use case, feature, or requirement. Explore the source code and draw inspiration to craft your own interactive Automation scripts. Experiment with the examples by installing the package onto your cloud-connected DataMiner Agents, directly from the Catalog.

Have an example of your own? Fantastic! Consider sharing it with fellow DataMiner DevOps Professionals. Create a pull request so it can be added to the package.

Are you missing a specific example? Engage with the DataMiner Dojo community by posting a question, igniting collaborative efforts to develop them for you!

Our vision is for this package to evolve into a centralized code hub for all things interactive Automation script-related, empowering you to expand your DataMiner DevOps skillset. 


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