And the award goes to…

And the award goes to…

Recognizing the incredible hard work and dedication of our users, we jumped at the chance to present the DataMiner Awards at DataMiner Empower 2024. These awards celebrate the trailblazers who lead the way and fully embrace the spirit of Digital Transformation in four categories: Vision, Catalyst, DevOps Excellence, and Innovation.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it for as long as it bears repeating: Digital Transformation is more than just a technology revolution.

Of course, technology is vital. But only if it’s part of a bigger plan. How will you implement it? How will you get your team, used to their routines, to embrace the new system? Have you upgraded your tech stack just to be “innovative”, or are you truly aiming to empower your users to continuously innovate?

At Skyline we fully embrace all aspects of the new emerging data-driven world, including culture, mindset, leadership, methodologies, relationships with tech vendors, and so much more. But beyond that, we strive to help our users embrace the full scale of Digital Transformation too.

That’s also where the idea for the DataMiner Awards comes from. When you empower someone to embark on this challenging journey, it’s only fair to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. The DataMiner Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements and initiatives of our user base. They honor companies and individuals who lead the way and fully embrace the true nature of Digital Transformation.

During the second edition of our DataMiner Empower event, which took place this month, we presented four companies with a DataMiner Award in four categories: Vision, Catalyst, DevOps Excellence, and Innovation.

Vodafone for Vision

The “Vision” category shines a spotlight on companies with a robust vision culture. These are companies with a clear, comprehensive vision that serves as a guiding beacon for everyone involved. A strong vision is not just about showing where you want to go; it’s about having your entire company on the same wavelength, moving towards the goal collectively and smoothly.

In this category, we’ve awarded Vodafone. When Vodafone embarked on a mission to renew its vast content acquisition platforms, it was clear that this was more than just a technology update. The project’s sheer scale and the complexity of the new technology made it evident that this was a Digital Transformation initiative, with automation playing a crucial role in managing the continuous change ahead. This clear vision has resulted in one of the industry’s largest content acquisition platforms, driven by a lean and mean DevOps team.

Telenor for Catalyst

The “Catalyst” category lauds companies that excel in stakeholder management. In the new data-driven world, it’s easy to generate numerous great ideas and fill dashboards with tons of data. However, real value for the organization depends on strong catalysts—people who understand the business, operations, stakeholder needs, and technological capabilities, driving the DevOps teams toward real value.

In this category, we’ve awarded Telenor. Telenor has a vast DataMiner System, collecting enormous amounts of data from millions of service endpoints across their entire operation. Under the guidance of a skilled catalyst, they have distilled this ocean of data into an easy-to-use, highly intuitive user-definable app, providing actionable insights across the organization.

Red Bee Media for DevOps Excellence

The “DevOps Excellence” category honors companies that truly embrace the DevOps paradigm. Continuous evolution and agility are foundational for a successful future in the emerging software-defined era. DevOps is multifaceted and challenging, but it’s an absolute necessity.

In this category, we’ve awarded Red Bee Media. Red Bee Media was among the first in its industry to fully embrace the DevOps paradigm. Recognizing the fundamental changes ahead, they quickly shifted gears, upskilling their people, bringing in new talent with lived experiences, and taking increasing ownership in designing and developing solutions with DataMiner functions like automation and SRM. Today, they continuously deliver increasing value in an iterative manner.

YLE for Innovation

The “Innovation” category recognizes companies with a strong culture of innovation. The new data-driven world brings tremendous opportunities, including possibilities we haven’t even thought of yet. Being able to innovate is a key objective of Digital Transformation, challenging the status quo and embracing transformational technology’s full potential.

In this category, we’ve awarded YLE. At YLE, there’s a strong vision and focus on Digital Transformation, meticulously cultivated by the organization’s leadership. This has led to a culture where people continuously think outside the box and seek new innovative opportunities. A recent example is how they leveraged AI cloud functions to streamline booking ingestion, improving operational efficiency, and allowing human resources to focus on more impactful activities.

With the DataMiner Awards, we’re just scratching the surface of the amazing DataMiner projects we’ve seen among our users. It’s clear that more and more companies are treating Digital Transformation as an epic odyssey rather than a quick trip. The journey is long, but the rewards are worth it, and we can’t wait to see where our users go next!

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