YouTube Wrapped: 2022

YouTube Wrapped: 2022

2022 was a special year for the Skyline Communications Youtube Channel. We had short-form promos blowing up in popularity. Our best-performing videos maintained their viewership. And we started our Ziine demo series!

YouTube insights

Facts & Figures

This year, our Skyline Communications Youtube channel gained 351 new subscribers, bringing our total to 563 subscribers. This is 139 more subscribers than we have gained in the past 10 years combined!

In total, our Youtube content was viewed for 4800 hours, compared to just 457 hours last year. This represents a 954% increase!

Most Popular Videos in 2022

These are our most-viewed Youtube videos in 2022, regardless of the date they were published:

Most Popular Videos Published in 2022

Below you can find our most-viewed videos of 2022, which were also published in 2022:

Ziine demo series

This year we launched our “Ziine demo series”, a collection of demo and promo videos introducing you to DataMiner apps, solutions, and features available for you to try out on our free Ziine Live Demo System.

  • In 2022 we uploaded 84 videos, which amassed a total of 7000 views and were seen in 135 different countries.
  • The “Ziine demo series” has a total of 198 video shares.
  • Ziine demo videos have an average watch time of 2 minutes and 6 seconds.
  • Out of the 351 new subscribers we gained in 2022, 24 came from our Ziine demo videos.

Most Popular Ziine demo videos

The most-viewed videos of the “Ziine demo series”:

Taking engagement to the next level

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