Witness the big reveal of dataminer.MediaOps at NAB Show

Witness the big reveal of dataminer.MediaOps at NAB Show

The countdown to the largest media and entertainment fair is nearing its end. Soon, the bustling halls will showcase a myriad of innovative solutions, systems, and products. And with so much to see and explore, chances are you’ll be short of eyes to experience it all. However, if your goal at NAB is to enhance your digital transformation strategies and position your company for data-driven success, there’s one product reveal you cannot miss: dataminer.MediaOps.

A seamless path to digital transformation

As many Media & Entertainment companies have taken the step to migrate to IP and virtualization, the logical next step is to dismantle operational siloes and untangle the complexity of tools that are impeding a streamlined workflow.

dataminer.MediaOps offers a seamless path to digital transformation, enabling organizations to start small and scale rapidly at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy point solutions. Simultaneously, it offers far more innovative and flexible workflows, empowering all teams and departments to focus on what really matters and significantly enhance overall efficiency.

Just announced, already shortlisted

Our brand-new dataminer.MediaOps solution has already garnered the praise of IABM, securing us a spot on the shortlist for the IABM BaM Awards 2024.

Better, faster, and cheaper content delivery

dataminer.MediaOps revolutionizes media operations by combining modern ICT practices with deep media domain knowledge. With dataminer.MediaOps, M&E companies deliver better service quality and user experience, and they respond faster to business needs and technology innovations while increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Seamless from planning to billing

Resource planning & scheduling: dataminer.MediaOps provides a full suite to plan your events, reserve your technical, non-technical, and network bandwidth resources, and automate the event setup and teardown.

Live media operations: dataminer.MediaOps integrates and combines planning tools with intuitive operator panels to enable live signal connection management and processor control.

Automation of file and asset workflows: dataminer.MediaOps automates the media asset supply chain from file ingest and live recording to distribution and archiving.

Simplify and de-silo your media supply chain

dataminer.MediaOps comes with a set of ready-made applications (an MVP will be available for download on the dataminer.services catalog starting in mid-April) that can be extended with customized applications to tailor the experience to the user, and also with user-defined APIs to integrate with the existing systems in your operation.

Booking teams will benefit from a modern and robust resource and workflow scheduling application, while MCR teams will find value in an intuitive control surface designed for seamless signal connections and ad-hoc control. Engineering teams can utilize the platform for streamlined workflow design and testing, complemented by ICT teams who can monitor infrastructure and IP flows effortlessly. Finance teams will enjoy the built-in costing and billing features, while P&O teams can efficiently manage staffing needs and Procurement teams can handle resource and asset inventories with ease.

Catch us at NAB

We could write volumes about dataminer.MediaOps, but we firmly believe in the power of “seeing is believing”. That’s why we’re heading to the NAB Show in Las Vegas with nothing less than a series of incredible live demos, showcasing the immense capabilities of our latest media solution.

dataminer.MediaOps truly represents a new era of data-driven, simplified, and automated media operations. By empowering M&E companies to deliver content faster, better, and cheaper, dataminer.MediaOps is set to revolutionize the industry.

You can visit skyline.be/dataminer-mediaops to learn all about this solution. Or visit DataMiner Docs to find out how to get started with dataminer.MediaOps.

Coming soon

Can’t make it to NAB Show? Don’t worry! We’ll soon make some demos public on Ziine so you can try out dataminer.MediaOps for yourself!

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