What’s new in the use case library?

What’s new in the use case library?

The use case library provides bite-sized inspiration on what can be done with the transformational power of DataMiner. As it is an invaluable collection of real-life applications by the DataMiner community, we want to give five of our most recently published use cases their moment in the spotlight.

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📹 Wildmoka | The Digital Media Factory: Wildmoka integrates with DataMiner to automate and orchestrate video workflows.

👾 DataMiner as an AI engine: DataMiner enables precise message control for a prominent broadcaster.

💻 Multi-Channel Playout Management: DataMiner automates playout channel onboarding and maintenance.

📌 Starlink Enterprise: The Starlink Enterprise solution is now available for download in the DataMiner Catalog.

📖 Booking System: The Booking System application facilitates the registration of over 4,000 journalists attending a major conference.

This ready-made overview gives you an idea of the true value you can get out of the use case library. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Our full-length use cases go the extra mile with detailed descriptions and numerous images to fully immerse you in the material.

Author: Flávio Meneses

Solution(s): Media Asset Workflow Automation (MAM)

Wildmoka | The Digital Media Factory

This use case showcases how Wildmoka, a cloud-based solution that allows users to edit and broadcast live and/or on-demand videos, is able to automate and orchestrate their entire video pipeline through integration with DataMiner and our SRM solution.

DataMiner as an AI engine

A prominent public broadcaster harnesses DataMiner's capabilities to implement a tailored AI engine. This custom solution, integrated with DataMiner Automation and custom API calls, enables precise analysis of text, guaranteeing the quality and appropriateness of audience messages before they reach the on-air queue.

Author: Pawel Bochenek

Solution(s): Digital Transformation

Author: Thomas Gunkel

Solution(s): Playout

Multi-Channel Playout Management

Discover how DataMiner empowers media services partners to automate onboarding and maintenance of hundreds of playout channels, ensuring seamless operations even in the intricate IP-based landscape. By dynamically adjusting monitoring resources, it optimizes efficiency, reducing operator workload during off-peak hours. DataMiner ensures compliance with standards and offers actionable insights and guidance to operators when issues occur.

Take a look at our latest advancement in connectivity management: our integration with the Starlink Enterprise API. Gain real-time insights, monitor key performance indicators, and visualize terminal networks on Google Maps for streamlined operations and enhanced reliability. The Starlink Enterprise solution, available for download in our Catalog, perfectly combines cutting-edge technology with user-centric design.

Author: Thijs Vanovenacker

Solution(s): Satellite Communication, Satellite VSAT broadband

Author: Sammy Dewilde

Solution(s): Digital Transformation, Event and Production Planning

Booking System

In 2023, DataMiner launched a low-code app for a major international conference, facilitating the registration process for over 4,000 journalists. The app managed media reservations, service quality tracking, and offered three primary reservation services: broadcast, venue rental, and equipment rental. With its closed-loop functionality, the app garnered unanimous praise from leaders and media outlets.

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