What’s new in the documentation for the 10.4.6 release?

What’s new in the documentation for the 10.4.6 release?

The DataMiner documentation is continuously growing and improving. That’s why from time to time we like to provide you with a summary of all things new in the DataMiner Docs.

Here’s a quick overview of the changes we’ve done to the documentation for DataMiner 10.4.6:

  • By adding a connection interface from GQI to SLNet, we’ve introduced the ability to use existing NuGets and helpers, such as the Class Library, within ad hoc data sources and custom operators.
  • Multiple exciting changes have been made to the DataMiner Dashboards and Low-Code Apps modules:
    • In line & area charts visualizing GQI data, you can now display multiple lines on multiple Y axes and customize tooltip content to your preferences. Moreover, we have added zooming and panning functionalities to enrich data interaction.
    • You now wield complete autonomy in positioning nodes within a node edge graph, leveraging location data from your data set. Additionally, you can integrate custom images into node shapes and freely resize them as desired.
  • You can now migrate existing data to Storage as a Service (STaaS) using a proxy.
  • A new BPA test is available that checks if any protocols or Automation scripts use a deprecated or outdated MySql.Data.dll file.

But those are not the only things we’ve changed recently!

Noticed something that could be improved in the DataMiner documentation? Your feedback can make the difference! Submit an issue or propose your changes on GitHub! If you’re a DevOps Professional, you’ll also score some points in the process 😊

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