What’s new in DataMiner Integration Studio v2.36

What’s new in DataMiner Integration Studio v2.36

DIS version 2.36 is now available for download! This new version features multiple improvements, including the highlights below.

Not familiar yet with the DataMiner Integration Studio? You can learn all about it on the DIS expert hub.

For a complete overview of all changes in this new version, check the release notes.

Protocol Diagram

The Protocol Diagram provides a graphical overview of a protocol flow. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with a new protocol, investigate flow issues and navigate through the logic in a quick and easy way.

Hovering over a specific item in the graph will give more information about that item:


Filter boxes

Import Protocol, Import Automation Script, DIS Validator and DIS Comparer windows all got extended with a filter box. This box allows you to filter on and highlight matching items.

Suppress Major Change Checker results

Similar to how you can suppress Validator results, you can now also suppress Major Change Checker (aka Comparer) results.

Compile & save multiple automation scripts in one go

DIS already supports solutions containing multiple automation scripts when you’re working on solution-based automation scripts. This is very useful when you have dependencies between different scripts.

However, up until now, it was only possible to compile and save them one by one.
But with the new update, you can now compile and save all scripts of a given solution into one ZIP file.

Protocol Version Editor improvements

Many improvements have been made to the Version Editor, including:

  • More flexibility regarding modifications to existing ranges.
  • Improved field validation.
  • Field validation issues will bubble up in the version treeview.
  • ‘Based On’ field will be populated automatically if possible.
  • Improved tabbing experience.

Validator RTDisplay tags

Validation of RTDisplay tags has been fully rewritten to cover the following improvements:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Fix all known bugs
  • Present results in a more user-friendly way, for example:
    • Results are grouped per parameter
    • Extra information is now provided
    • Navigation to both the unexpected RTDisplay value and to the piece of code responsible for the unexpected RTDisplay value is now possible.

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