Use your IS-04 registry to provision DataMiner with IDP

Use your IS-04 registry to provision DataMiner with IDP

We are very excited to release another version of the DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery and Provisioning (IDP) app.

The most exciting feature in this new release is the ability to automatically provision your DMS from an AMWA IS-04 registry. As soon as a node registers with the IS-04 registry, IDP will identify the node and provision it. This workflow uses processes and activities that are delivered out of the box if you’re running IDP on a system with Process Automation. If you’d like to know more, check out this use case: Automated Infrastructure Provisioning with NMOS IS-04.

The new release will also make it easier for an administrator to configure facility management in IDP. As of today, you can configure buildings, floors, rooms, etc. from the Admin section in the user interface.

In a previous release, we already introduced several process automation activities. We’re now extending this with activities to take a configuration backup, convert an IP address to a scan range, and convert an IP address to an element.

Another improvement has to do with the different components DataMiner IDP uses in the background to handle specific tasks. Up to now, these elements have always been visible in the Surveyor. This release now hides these elements from view, so that users only see the IDP component they actually need to interact with: the application itself.

Finally, a number of features were also added to the provisioning capabilities:

  • The use of https:// or other prefixes for the IP address of elements
  • Provisioning of elements using a WebSocket connection
  • The ability to configure the accepted IP addresses for smart-serial elements
  • Support for SSL/TLS encryption for provisioned elements

For a complete overview of features, enhancements, and fixes, take a look at the release notes.

4 thoughts on “Use your IS-04 registry to provision DataMiner with IDP

  1. Thomas Gunkel

    Thanks Jan-Klaas! This is great news to have IS-04 discovery now integrated in DataMiner IDP. IDP does manage any hybrid (NMOS / non-NMOS) infrastructure now . It does not matter any more when some of your products do not support IS-04, IDP will discover those products via network scan and you will get one consolidated onboarding workflow for all your infrastructure.

  2. Glenn D'Haene

    Thanks Jan-Klaas for sharing! This feature was on the waiting list for many of our customers and now completes the circle. Zero questions for our customers, if the product is discoverable then it can be discovered by DataMiner. As a result onboarding & change control management can be throughly deployed. As a customer I would not want to miss this boat.. 🙂

  3. Alberto De Luca

    A game changer!
    Can’t wait to get rid the spreadsheets with polling IPs to be loaded manually.
    Great news!

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