Update now to IDP 1.1.11

Update now to IDP 1.1.11

The new version of the DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery and Provisioning (IDP) app allows users to run their software and configuration management operations more efficiently and gives more control to provision DCF connections.

  • We added the ability to launch a software update for multiple elements at once. This will make it easier to perform a bulk update on multiple products with a single click.
  • Taking a configuration backup or restoring the default configuration is now also possible with multiple selected elements. Additionally, it’s possible to take a backup of the startup, running or golden configuration.

  • The tab software has been streamlined, making it more consistent with the other tabs of the IDP application.
  • Connectivity discovery and provisioning have been extended so the user has perfect visibility on the discovered connections and can finely control which discovered connections are provisioned. The updated user interface also allows the user to inspect the managed DCF connections.
  • DataMiner IDP now uses features from DataMiner 10. As this version is already widely adopted, it was time for DataMiner IDP to also leverage its capabilities. That is why DataMiner 10 is now required for DataMiner IDP.

This release is also packed with a ton of other enhancements and fixes. A complete overview is available in the release notes of IDP 1.1.11.

3 thoughts on “Update now to IDP 1.1.11

  1. Steven Soenens

    Great enhancement! Along with the migration towards more sophisticated software stacks in the network and the cloud, comes the need to automate configuration & software management. In the old days, hardware products could run the same software build for years. Today, software updates come in every few months, either planned long time upfront, or executed on a very short notice often as a result of security breaches. Same goes for configuration updates. The level of automation IDP offers is instrumental to keep the network up and running, in a secure manner!

  2. Ben Vandenberghe

    Indeed Steven. IDP is simply table stakes if you are serious about security in your operation. And it is clear that securing a perimeter is no longer enough, it is about meshed security on all possible levels.

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