Time for a ‘lunch and learn’ break

Time for a ‘lunch and learn’ break

Scheduling a ‘lunch and learn’ break is easy with our courses. Most of the lessons are divided in short videos so you can easily get up to speed on different topics during your lunch break.

We just released the dynamic positioning lesson (30 min) as part of the Visual Overview course. In this lesson you will learn how to create a basic version of a visual overview using dynamic positioning.

1 thought on “Time for a ‘lunch and learn’ break

  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Great training session. Data-driven dynamic positioning can support so many use cases. SNGs running around on map with live updated positions, positioning transmitters on a map, creating a logical map of network nodes, positioning equipment in a rack, and so much more. Data can be coming from external data sources (e.g. inventory), can be live data from devices (e.g. GPS data), data entered by the user in DataMiner, data derived from other data. Once you know the ins and outs of this session, you can really go wild. Thank you for sharing Michiel!

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