The world’s first cloud-based OTT operations management solution

The world’s first cloud-based OTT operations management solution

The word is out: Skyline and Telestream have put their heads together for an exciting new project! This strategic collaboration revolves around the integration of Telestream’s cloud-based video monitoring solutions with DataMiner.

This means that for the first time, DataMiner’s service-aware confidence monitoring can be leveraged to automate OTT service deployment, on premises as well as in the cloud, and Telestream content monitoring at the same time. Sounds thrilling, right!

This new solution addresses the challenges that come with the migration of video services to the cloud when it comes to the streaming of live or VoD services. It basically enables users to work in new, more efficient ways. The far-reaching automation processes that DataMiner offers, combined with the new Telestream Cloud Stream Monitoring Service, provides them with an on-demand OTT channel deployment, full-service orchestration, end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting operational environment. And that has become indispensable if you want to keep delivering qualitative video services.

Read about all the other advantages this collaboration brings in the full press release.

You can also check out the joint webinar to learn how you can automate your media ecosystem.

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