SRM Framework 1.2.5 Release

SRM Framework 1.2.5 Release

SRM Framework 1.2.5 is now available for download, with several new functionalities and enhancements.

Some of the highlights of this release:

  • Pool resources: Operators can now select a pool of resources instead of a specific fixed resource when they create a booking. When the booking starts, the Life cycle Service Orchestration layer will select a suitable available resource from that pool.
  • Resource provisioning script – concurrency and multiple resource pools: The script to discover resources has been extended to support concurrency and to allow assigning resources to multiple pools.
  • Booking UI – custom script: Custom scripts can now be launched from the Booking UI, for example to create a new booking. This way you will not need to modify the Visio file that is used for the Bookings UI after each update of the SRM framework.
  • Booking properties – check box control: Custom properties associated with a booking can now store multiple discrete values. In the booking process, operators can use a check box control to select multiple values.

For a detailed list of items included in SRM v1.2.5, see DataMiner SRM Framework 1.2.5 Release Notes.

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