SRM Framework 1.2.4 Release

SRM Framework 1.2.4 Release

I’m happy to announce the release of the SRM Framework 1.2.4. This framework provides many functionalities, including a user interface that allows to easily manage, automate and orchestrate resources.

Release 1.2.4 introduces the following features :

  • Custom assignment of a resource to a booking. Next to the features that are available in the framework, it is possible to attach project-specific scripts that implement custom logic. Enhancements have been made on that subject, with the introduction of a C# method that allows developers to easily assign resources to a booking using custom code. This can be used in case the resources filtering layer of the framework cannot support a requirement and extra logic needs to be implemented in a project-specific script.
  • Predefined assignment mode of a profile Instance. When creating a booking, a profile instance can be assigned ‘By Reference’ or ‘By Value’. ‘By Reference’ means that the booking does not store the values defined in that profile Instance. As a consequence, further modifications of the profile instance prior to the start time of the booking will impact the configuration that will be applied on the resources. ‘By Value’ stores the values part of the profile instance and the opposite behavior is then applied. It is now possible to predefine the assignment mode on service definition level. Users can still change the mode when creating a booking.
  • Booking Failure script. Integration of a feature to launch an Automation script when a booking fails to start (i.e. because resources are not available). The script can then implement any custom actions such as generating information messages, generating a report, sending an email, etc.
  • Booking extension feature. Next to the feature to adjust the end time of a booking, it is now possible to extend the booking by a specific duration. This will allow operators to quickly react on a last-minute request and extend the booking without having to define the new end time.
  • Profile-load scripts and ‘Check SET’ option. Lifecycle Service Orchestration scripts can now initiate the execution of the Profile-load scripts with or without the ‘Check SET’ option.

For a detailed list of features included in SRM v1.2.4, see DataMiner SRM Framework 1.2.4 Release Notes

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