SRM Framework 1.2.21 facilitates Profile-Load Script testing

SRM Framework 1.2.21 facilitates Profile-Load Script testing

SRM Framework 1.2.21 is now available! It will facilitate the testing and the validation of Profile-Load scripts.

Profile-Load Scripts are used to apply all settings defined in a Profile Instance to a Function Resource. A Profile-Load Script (PLS) can for instance configure the frequency for a demodulator function.

Often, a single SRM project requires the development of many PLSs. Instead of waiting for the complete service chain to be implemented, with Profile-Load Script Tester you will now be able to validate each PLS individually and in a user-friendly way. This way, PLS validation can start at a very early stage of a project.

Next to standard execution of a PLS using the UI, Profile-Load Script Tester also supports defining advanced test cases that are fully defined in a custom and simple Automation script. As it is a custom script, you can define the entire test sequence, which can involve multiple resources and several profile instances.

Profile-Load Script Tester keeps track of the execution of each test case (status, duration), provides trend data, and gives access to logging describing details of the orchestration.

For a complete list of the features and enhancements of the new release, check the 1.2.21 release notes.

2 thoughts on “SRM Framework 1.2.21 facilitates Profile-Load Script testing

  1. Bruno Dias

    I tried to use this Profile Load Tester in one of my profile load scripts but I’m getting the following log message: “DBG|Action not configured: (Script ‘SRM_ProfileLoadScript_Demodulating (Novelsat NS3000)’)”

    Can you let me know what needs to be changed in the Profile Load script to be compatible with PLS Tester?

    • Emmanuel Dal Post author

      Bruno, any profile-load script should be compatible with Profile-Load script Tester.
      Please open a ticket with more details about your case , so that we can analyze what is going wrong here and take relevant actions.

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