SRM 1.2.20 introduces new resource management use cases

SRM 1.2.20 introduces new resource management use cases

Like the previous version of the SRM Framework, version 1.2.20 focuses on supporting new use cases where resource management is less dependent on the service context. This offers more agility when operating an orchestration solution.

The 1.2.20 package provides new wizards that focus on specific actions. All information that can be selected up front, in the main UI, is passed as an input argument. These wizards therefore only contain very few parameters, and they are easy to use.

For a complete list of features and enhancements, check the 1.2.20 release notes.

Extending a booking with a resource from a pre-defined pool

In a Service View (i.e. east-west visualization), it is now possible to embed a new wizard to extend the booking and add a resource from a predefined pool.

This can be used to react very quickly to unexpected events. For example, in case the incoming signal is not in the format you expected, you can quickly add a processor resource to the booking.

Quickly booking a resource

From an Element Card or from an application where a resource can be selected, it is now possible to integrate a new wizard, allowing you to quickly book that resource. All boxes in the wizard are prefilled, and the user can adjust some of the fields if needed.

Changing the state of a resource in a booking

Although LSO is responsible for the transition of all resources that are part of a booking to a specific service state (e.g. Standby or Start), it is now possible to do this on resource level using a dedicated wizard.

The UI receives a resource and a booking as input arguments and then lists the available states for that resource.


  • The state of the overall service does not get updated.
  • The resource does not have such a state in DataMiner. We’re just executing a Profile Load Script, using the same Profile Instance that LSO would use to transition the entire service to that same state.

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