Signal processing and SDI to IP broadcast operations

Signal processing and SDI to IP broadcast operations

The broadcast industry is going full steam ahead with the migration of production workflows from SDI to IP infrastructures. A vital transition, but one that isn’t without its fair share of complexities and challenges. Fortunately, DataMiner’s fully integrated solutions facilitate a smooth and seamless transition from legacy technologies to transformational technologies.

Below you can find a demo of one of our most recent DataMiner solutions, designed to facilitate broadcasting operations in a converged SDI and IP infrastructure. It allows operators inside a master control room to effortlessly route signals and perform ad-hoc video and audio parameter control from a unified user interface.

In short

The “Signal Processing and SDI to IP Broadcast Operations” solution provides you with an easy-to-use and unified user interface for complex technology infrastructures. Even when the technology under the hood changes, you are still presented with the same familiar user interface to control parameters in real time, easily and quicklybe it SDI Matrixes, IP Receivers or SDI to IP Gateways with audio and video processing capabilities in between.

What’s more, with DataMiner, connecting to your products is as straightforward as managing them: you can use proprietary APIs to interact with your products, or you can leverage the NMOS IS-05 open standard support.  

In the future, you can look forward to DataMiner automatically setting SDI cross-points so that you do not have to worry about any intermediate workflow steps in between: just tell the IP Receiver which stream to join, and that’s it!

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