See you in September! 👋 Your beloved Kata host takes a summer break

See you in September! 👋 Your beloved Kata host takes a summer break

Your beloved host trades in his iconic fedora for a straw hat as he enjoys a well-earned summer break.

With nearly 40 episodes published, we’ve explored a wide range of topics, each tutorial serving as a vital step in our shared learning journey.

But this isn’t goodbye, just a “see you later.” We’ll return in September, refreshed and ready with new kata tutorials to ignite your curiosity.

In the meantime…

While waiting for September, you don’t have to miss Jan or his fantastic sessions. With almost 40 videos available, we’re sure there’s one you haven’t watched yet—or one worth a rerun!

And to make your learning journey even more streamlined, we’ve categorized our tutorials. Choose the category you’d like to learn more about from the menu below:

Thanks, Jan—you were electrifying!

Our Learning & Development Team surprised Jan with a personalized award celebrating his role as “Electrifying Kata Host”. He poured his heart and soul into every single episode—along with his signature humor—to make sure you had an easy and digestible way of learning about DataMiner’s many features.

And huge kudos also go to the amazing domain experts who joined Jan on screen (and off screen), generously sharing their DataMiner knowledge and preparing your exercises.

Enjoy your summer, and let the thunder of learning continue to inspire you!

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