Rewind ⏪ DataMiner DevOps Professional Program reveal

Rewind ⏪ DataMiner DevOps Professional Program reveal

Watch the big reveal of our exclusive DataMiner DevOps Professional Program, a personalized program for ambitious individuals seeking to unlock their full potential as innovative solution creators.

DataMiner DevOps Professional Program

As a DataMiner DevOps Professional, you’ll stand at the apex of transformational technologies, leveraging the power of the DataMiner platform to tap into the full potential of your operational technology stack and generate value for your business.

In this LinkedIn Live session, our CEO unveils our exclusive DevOps Professional Program, revealing all the benefits, how it works, and why you should join.

2 thoughts on “Rewind ⏪ DataMiner DevOps Professional Program reveal

  1. Kawssar Marzouk

    The session by Ben was great and Interesting as usual, we are more motivated now to attend more training, get certificates, and become DevOps professionals.
    Thanks for using my digital certificate in the presentation as an example, I was happy when I saw that.

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