Real-time Software Router Control Panel Sharing

Real-time Software Router Control Panel Sharing

You might have already heard about DataMiner Dashboards and the capability to share those in real time with anybody, in- and outside of your organization. But now, we have expanded our functionality towards control capabilities.

You can now build your own HTML5 router control panels. Design your own singlebus, XY multibus or custom panel, and control any third-party router (RF, ASI, SDI, IP, etc.) from any vendor. Or, use our new control panels when DataMiner acts as SDN controller by itself.

What’s more, you can share those panels via our Live Sharing Service with anybody in just a few clicks. The sharing is done over a single, secured connection between your private DataMiner system and the DataMiner Cloud Platform. While initiating a new sharing session, you can specify the people you want to share with and the duration of the session.

Note: sharing recipients need to authenticate via Microsoft Azure’s AD B2C service, in accordance with global security standards such as ISO 27017 and CSA-STAR. Access to the share will automatically be stopped after the specified amount of time.

Live data sharing can also automatically be started and stopped as part of an event or other occasional use services managed by DataMiner. You don’t even have to build your panel manually first. DataMiner will automatically add the right sources and destinations to the panel, and it’s all orchestrated by DataMiner’s Service and Resource Manager (SRM) suite.

Have a look at the DataMiner Live Router Control Panel use case in our use case library and see how easy it is to let anybody remotely control your router in a secure way. And what is even more important: there is almost zero additional delay when you compare the speed of your router control panel running locally versus somebody hitting the “take” button on a shared panel.

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