Project Collaboration: an interactive walkthrough

Project Collaboration: an interactive walkthrough

The Project Collaboration module is tailored specifically towards the agile management of all activities involved with digital transformation projects and ensures that you and your co-workers can continuously collaborate with the Skyline Deploy Squads in the most efficient and flexible manner.

Our CTO, Bert Vandenberghe, guides you through the Project Collaboration module, outlining its key features and capabilities.

This video is the start of a DataMiner Cloud Platform course.  More training sessions covering other modules such as the DataMiner Catalog, the Dojo Community and the Live Sharing Service will be added later. Stay tuned!

Happy learning!

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DataMiner Project Collaboration

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  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Highly recommended. Changes in the industry go beyond moving to all-IP, virtualizing and leveraging cloud services. These changes also impact on how operational platforms are designed and deployed, and having agile collaboration and partnerships between companies if key to this. And note that it is not only about the tooling, it is also about the methodologies applied (hence the presence of our Agile guru’s on Dojo – to learn from one another also about how we can be succesfull with distributed and mixed teams building the best possible solutions in our industry),

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