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Found the issue, problem was that there 2 shapes connected to one group. Edit: To get the full answer, this is solution: Group data: Shape data:

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Thank you both, Michiel and Jarno, The tip from Michiel, it is an easy way to check if the placeholders are correct and that helped my to the right direction.  Changing the hyphens like Jarno suggest...

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Hi Michiel and Michiel, Thank you both for you suggestions. I did check the rights, i'am like my colleague admin of the system. And we have both the same rights. Also did a compare of files in the folder...

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I assume this is already resolved, but one of the problems we had during the setup of the proxy on windows server is that local user "system" did not take the proxy settings automatic. So we had to change...

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I try to create a router panel for the Appear X20.  Between the Ip Inputs en the Decoder Apparently I had not enough parameter filled in. So I did, the router panel get created, only it is not working...

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Hi Jarak, I think that the driver/connector is not yet fully developed. I'm using this driver mainly for IP inputs and decoders, and there are also fields not working as expected. If I found some...

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Hi Marco, At my side the BISS function not working yet in DM, cannot say how it looks there, I know how it works in Titan Edge. In Titan Edge software there are 3 steps. ( At the Gateway function)....

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Based on the answer of Toon, I think hi is right. Maybe I overthink it. So I looked further, and I hope that children shape is the solution. I watched the follow course " Generate shapes based on table...

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