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Hi Brecht, You can deactivate an alarm based on a condition by using Conditional parameter alarming.

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We could accomplish it by using the following feature:

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Hi Bing, I think that you could use the bootstrap MSI installation based on your requirements. The key benefits for you would be: The launcher automatically gets installed for each individual user...

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Hi Tommy, You could create a custom operator instead of modifying the format in the connector. There is an example that shows you how to create a custom operator that calculates the duration by using...

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Hi Chris, You can find a detailed overview of the server requirements on the docs. The .NET versions seem to be backwards compatible from version 4.5 onwards according to documentation. However, I'm...

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Hi John, The feature launch automation script has been released in 10.3.3. Kind regards,

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Hi Alex, It could also be useful to share the DIS Class Library settings which can be found under: DIS -> Settings -> Class library

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