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Hi, I'm Bart, Account Director at Skyline Communications and responsible for the South-European countries Portugal, Spain, Italy and Malta. Before that, I have also been responsible for the DACH area, the CSA-region, the Indian region and the Middle-East.
Privately, I like to make trips - smaller ones or bigger - closeby or a bit further away - biking or hiking. My favorite sports are badminton (playing) and football (watching - die hard fan of Club Bruges). Many more things to tell - feel free to ask! 😉

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Hola Enrique, the 'mobile UI' that Glenn is referring to higher is an existing lightweight HMTL5 client user interface that is designed for people within the same organization whose primary responsibility...

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Thanks for your answer, André. I understood that the compatibility is depending on the 3rd party interface available on the RD9000, i.e. to what extent this interface is covering the structure and parameters...

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