Penalty box? Management by exception!

Penalty box? Management by exception!

In modern IT operations, complexity increases day by day. Monitoring solutions that focus your attention on where it is really needed have become a necessity. DataMiner offers the possibility to make this happen across all your different technology platforms.

Key benefits

Simple and fast

See the forest for the trees. With DataMiner you can integrate information from different places in your IT, media or broadband stack. These could be devices or applications from different vendors (multi-vendor), information that is available across your physical layers, applications up to the multi-cloud environment, or probes and multi-viewers on different locations in the network. All this information can be simplified into a straightforward indication of the issue that requires the most immediate attention at the moment (penalty box).

Business intelligence

Measure what really matters. DataMiner will take into account business level (SLA) logic to evaluate situations. With profound integration of the business logic that drives your operation, DataMiner can evaluate which low-level errors affect which services and belong in which penalty box. Topology information makes clear which elements affect which services. Schedule information can make the severity of an error aligned with the actual on-air schedule: operators will only get alarms for services that are on air or in pre-roll, but not false alarms on services that are not on air anyway.


Maximum flexibility and customization. Immediate action. The information you want to show to a user will differ from that needed by a service desk or expert administrator. This can be achieved using dynamic monitor walls and virtual desks. With DataMiner you will have your penalty box, your metadata, tailored to you, with immediate actionability. DataMiner can provide this flexibility by integrating labels and UMD information, or even pulling live thumbnails from set-top boxes and decoders. Additionally, actions can be undertaken automatically, to route signals for analysis and restauration


Everything is context, and context is everything. In DataMiner, your data is always context aware. You see what you have to see, when you need to see it. The relevant actions are also available based on the context, so that you can easily do what you need to do when you need to do it.

More than penalty boxes

Management by exception with DataMiner is more than just penalty boxes. DataMiner offers a range of tools that help you evolve to a full management by exception workflow in your control room, ranging from focus alarms and automated root cause analysis to AI-powered trending.

Managing complex ecosystems is not an easy task, with everyday operations facing more and more complexity. DataMiner is there to make this easier and to make your life more pleasant, by enabling a relaxed work environment, which inevitably leads to fewer errors. This helps to minimize SLA breaches while optimizing operational costs.

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