Manage, Control and Monitor Your Entire Meinberg Ecosystem

Created from a partnership and joint development between Skyline Communications and Meinberg, the Meinberg Network Management System automatically detects, provisions, and monitors all your Meinberg applications.

Meinberg Network Management Service

Meinberg Announces New Network Management Service Solution

DataMiner technology empowers Meinberg’s Network Management System (

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About Meinberg

Meinberg is a global technology leader with more than 100 employees developing and manufacturing time and frequency synchronization systems for a wide range of applications worldwide. Meinberg provides synchronization solutions for energy, finance, media, telecom and space, defense, traffic control and industrial networks.

Meinberg products are comprised of high-quality components and modules, acting as flexible functional blocks that can be combined and configured to address the most varied and complex customer requirements. This adaptable, innovative approach to product management is well-established in the LANTIME NTP Time Servers, and today adds impact to the recently launched Intelligent Modular Synchronization (IMS) product line.

IMS solutions are focused on the growing field of synchronization technologies, offering a range of high-performance timing solutions for networks of any size and industry.

Meinberg also offers a broad spectrum of proven GPS receivers, WWVB, DCF77 (PZF) and MSF radio clocks, bus-level timing cards and associated accessories.

Partnership with Skyline Communications

Meinberg has a long-lasting relationship with Skyline, which started off with the development of connectors for the Meinberg product range, specifically the non-modular and modular Meinberg LANTIME series.

The most recent connectors for the LANTIME series use the Meinberg REST-API (requires 7.04.009 firmware or higher) and support multiple Meinberg devices.

  • Meinberg LANTIME Modular (supports M1000, M1000S, M2000S, M3000, M3000S, M4000. Please refer to the Meinberg NMS manual for a detailed list of supported cards.
    • Note: LANTIME Modular connector does not create DataMiner DVEs for each IMS card, instead separate LANTIME IMS connectors are available for each supported card type.
  • Meinberg LANTIME Non-Modular (supports M100, M200, M300, M400, M500, M600, M900).

Just recently, Meinberg has released the new Meinberg Network Management System, an out-of-the-box NMS solution that runs on standard DataMiner software and is sold by Meinberg.

Meinberg Network Management System (mbgNMS)

Created from a partnership and joint development between Skyline Communications and Meinberg, this central platform automatically detects, provisions, and monitors all your Meinberg applications. mbgNMS is dedicated to Meinberg products based on Skyline’s DataMiner platform.

  • Automatic discovery
  • Automatic deployment
  • Simplicity of management
  • Clarity of oversight
  • Absolute control

For extensive in-depth information, or to download the Meinberg Element Manager app or mbgsNMS documentation, see Meinberg Network Management System (mbgNMS).

Meinberg Management System | mbgNMS - The most powerful tool on the market
mbgNMS - Meinberg Management System | based on Skyline's DataMiner network management system

Interested in a demo?

Feel free to reach out to Meinberg's or Skyline's sales team. We have demo systems available to show you everything around the Meinberg NMS and DataMiner.

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