Mastering DataMiner Augmented Operations: Enhanced control and flexibility with DataMiner 10.4.8

Mastering DataMiner Augmented Operations: Enhanced control and flexibility with DataMiner 10.4.8

We are proud to announce an upcoming update to DataMiner Augmented Operations, coming soon in DataMiner 10.4.8. This update gives you more flexibility and control over proactive detection and anomaly detection for your trended parameters. Now, you can apply these powerful features to the most critical parameters in your operations—those that, until now, may have been overlooked with the default settings. Rest assured, the ease of use of the default settings remains unchanged, ensuring an effortless experience.

Tailor your analytics with more control

The DataMiner software is your partner in crime for real-time monitoring of your trend data, offering automated anomaly detection, critical value prediction, and trend behavior assessment. In the past, these powerful features were automatically applied to a specific set of parameters. Now, with the release of version 10.4.8, we’re giving you the power to tailor these capabilities to your unique operational needs.

Configure with precision, operate with insight

System administrators can now bend the AI features to their will. With an enhanced trend template, you can precisely control anomaly detection, proactive monitoring, and trend icon generation, making it easy to create exceptions to the standard configuration.

Optimize resources, streamline operations

The updated control system shown above helps optimize the allocation of analytics resources, ensuring they are applied strategically to the parameters that matter most. Now, you can selectively activate or deactivate trend analytics on specific parameters, focusing your attention on those that are most relevant to your operations. This granularity ensures that the DataMiner Augmented Operations suite aligns perfectly with your operational priorities, delivering insights where they matter most.

Prepare to harness the full potential of DataMiner Augmented Operations with DataMiner 10.4.8. This update not only maintains the simplicity of the default settings but also opens up new avenues for customization.

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