Live Sharing Service is coming to DataMiner

Live Sharing Service is coming to DataMiner

Making the right data readily available for the right people in- and outside of your organization. That’s what our new DataMiner Live Sharing Service is all about. With a click of a button, you can share any live data on your DataMiner platform; from a single metric to entire dashboards. Our built-in security functionality allows you to decide which data to share with whom and for how long.

Having all the data from your entire operational environment accessible to operators from a single pane of glass is one thing. For data driven organizations, it’s also key to be able to make the right data – irrespective of where it comes from in your operation- available to all the people who need it in order to get the full value out of that data.

The new DataMiner Live Sharing Service allows you to instantly share any of the various data sources that you have available in your DataMiner platform. For example, you can share device status and historical performance metrics with the vendor of the technology in case those products underperform. Similarly, you can now share a detailed service SLA dashboard with your end customer, which is very convenient in a multi-tenant operation. It also enables you to provide real-time insights to your SaaS or network capacity provider, giving them insights on how they perform in delivering services to you.

DataMiner Live Sharing Services is one of the first services that uses the brand-new DataMiner Cloud Platform. This platform connects with your private DataMiner systems in a highly secured manner. As you can imagine, connecting your private DataMiner systems along with those thousands of other DataMiner systems belonging to your peers in the industry, your end customers and your technology providers, sets the bar for the next generation operations in our industry. Sharing data between all stakeholders in the media and broadband value chain is of tremendous value. That’s why we are now announcing the DataMiner Live Sharing Service.

The sharing will be done over a single, secured connection between your private DataMiner system and the DataMiner Cloud Platform. While initiating a new sharing session, you can specify the people you want to share with and the duration of the session. That makes it secure, as your data will automatically stop being shared after the selected amount of time.

The preview mode of live sharing enables you to share all your dashboards from the DataMiner Dashboards module. This way, you can already add any metric from your DataMiner platform to a dashboard and start sharing it with only a few clicks. But in the future, we will add more functionality to share advanced datasets even easier, right from the DataMiner desktop or web application. Keep an eye on the Dojo community for the official release and exclusive demo of this new feature and to learn more about the other functionality that the DataMiner Cloud Platform will bring.

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  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    This will be a game changing capability. Sharing data on the fly, creating connections and building powerful operational platforms is the key to being succesfull in a data-driven future!

  2. Jan Vanhove

    The DataMiner Cloud Platform is one of the biggest evolutions in DataMiner as it will act as an enabler for countless new amazing functionalities. Follow this track on Dojo, and we’ll explain how to get prepared to hook-up your systems.

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