Learning Wrapped: 2023

Learning Wrapped: 2023

It appears that ‘improving my DataMiner skills’ was a prevalent resolution last year, as our Learning department experienced a remarkable year! Let’s reflect on some of 2023’s learning milestones before creating new ones this year:

  • The courses page was the third most popular page on DataMiner Dojo.
  • The top three most popular courses were DataMiner Operator, DataMiner Administrator, and DataMiner Automation.
  • At least 100 users have obtained their Operator or Administrator certificate of expertise.
  • The top three organizations with the most obtained certificates are Deloitte, Fox, and Aucom.
  • We also released two new certification tracks for DataMiner developers: Scripts & Connectors Developer: HTTP Basics and Scripts & Connectors Developer: SNMP Basics.
  • We launched a new series of hands-on tutorial videos to continue to empower the community: Bringing the Thunder – Kata sessions.
  • The series of eleven Katas (which will continue throughout 2024!) reached over 6000 views on YouTube and LinkedIn. Moreover, we received over 400 exercise submissions, which means that at least 30,000 DevOps Points have been awarded!

Did you happen to miss any of the kata sessions? Fear not, as you can now access them all conveniently organized on our recently launched tutorials page on our documentation portal.

As we conclude this retrospective journey into the past year’s learning achievements, let’s eagerly anticipate the exciting road ahead. We are gearing up for another enriching year filled with even more insightful learning content and empowering Kata sessions. Here’s to another year of continuous growth and inspiration on our learning journey!

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