Jan’s smart home quest: part 9 is out!

Jan’s smart home quest: part 9 is out!

Jan is on to the 9th episode of his quest to create a smart home with DataMiner. Have you ever noticed a server spike in Disk Busy Time? Jan’s DataMiner system sure noticed it! He explains in this video how he investigated the issue and how SCSI had an impact.

But fixing reported problems isn’t the only thing that he discusses. Jan takes the next step towards achieving a smart home, beyond the monitoring and controlling the power in his house and the servers themselves. He elaborates on a new driver he started to monitor his Fritzbox router at his home with DataMiner. Curious? Then watch this latest episode, or catch up with earlier episodes on Jan’s YouTube channel.

1 thought on “Jan’s smart home quest: part 9 is out!

  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Thanks for continuing sharing your adventures Jan. Always something new to learn. 😉

    Nice detail: you can also see how the anomaly detection kicked in when the disk changed behavior. So even if Jan would not have set up alarming on that specific metric (or if the changed behavior would have stayed below the user defined alarm thresholds), DataMiner would still have noticed that something changed suddenly. And that’s what we are heading for, ever more sophisticated behavior-based monitoring, which not only will be more accurate and sophisticated, but also will require less of your time (i.e. no set-up or configuration required).

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