IPv6 is coming to IDP

IPv6 is coming to IDP

A new version of DataMiner IDP has been released.  This version introduces features in different key IDP aspects such as discovery, provisioning, and software management.

  • IPV6 support: Besides managing IPv6-enabled products, IDP is now also capable of discovering products via IPv6. As public (ISP) networks keep expanding (smartphones, Internet of Things, etc.) the need for public IP addresses is huge. As all regional internet registries (RIRs) have now exhausted their IPv4 address pools (except those reserved for IPv6 transition), the worldwide adoption of IPv6 is accelerating (as also identified in statistics collected by Google). DataMiner IDP is ready!
  • Telnet discovery: IDP can now use Telnet for discoveries. With this feature, IDP will discover products by setting up a Telnet connection, analyzing the welcome message, sending a set of commands, and performing a login into the product.
  • Provisioning for SNMPv3 connections: It is now possible to configure SNMPv3 CI types within the IDP app. Previously, these had to be configured manually.
  • Alarms for non-compliant software: You can now have an alarm generated if a managed element runs a different software version than expected.

The release also comes with several bug fixes and enhancements. A complete overview is available in the IDP 1.1.9 Release Notes.

Looking ahead

At the moment, we are working on some exciting features for Q4 2020:

  • Deleted elements: If a user deletes a managed element from the DMS, DataMiner IDP will detect this. Deleted elements will be collected in a comprehensive overview detailing the time of removal, the user who removed the element, the product’s IP address, etc. With a single click, another element for the product can be provisioned in order to rectify an accidental deletion.
  • Detect configuration changes: Back in January, we introduced the ability to take configuration backups. In the future, DataMiner IDP will be able to detect changes between consecutive backups. Because some parts of a configuration backup may not be interesting for comparison, IDP will be able to check for changes in a specific subset of the configuration backup. If necessary, this can even trigger an alarm on the product element.

We still have some other features up our sleeve for this year, so keep looking out for more announcements!

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