Interesting Integrations: 3 brand-new upcoming DataMiner connectors

Interesting Integrations: 3 brand-new upcoming DataMiner connectors

Did you know that we are constantly building and designing new connectors to interface DataMiner with the latest third-party ICT media and broadband products?

Let’s take a closer look at 3 brand-new upcoming DataMiner connectors the DataMiner dev teams are working on right now!

  1. Broadpeak BkA100
  2. VMWare Avi Vantage Platform
  3. TVU Networks Server

Broadpeak BkA100

Stay in control and maximize the Quality of Service (QoS) of your video offer with the upcoming Broadpeak BkA100 connector.

We are expanding our existing range of integrations for Broadpeak products! You can already integrate DataMiner with the Origin Packager (BkS350) and CDN Mediator (BkM100).

And now, video analytics services are also being added! Broadpeak’s BkA100 provides an extensive set of dashboards and statistics so you can make the appropriate decisions regarding your content strategy and your video delivery ecosystem.

VMWare Avi Vantage Platform

Avi Networks’s Avi Vantage delivers multi-cloud application services, including a Software Load Balancer, an Intelligent Web Application Firewall and an Elastic Service Mesh.

We’re very excited to announce that this new DataMiner integration will soon be available for you to monitor and manage your load balancing services in the cloud. What’s more, the 100% RESTful API interface enables analytics, autoscaling and self-provisioning!

TVU Networks Server

Soon you’ll be able to monitor, control, manage and distribute all your video content!

The TVU Server is the edge device and backbone of the TVU Ecosystem. It is designed to host multiple TVU applications, which can accomplish various tasks simultaneously, including SDI/IP encoding and decoding, frame-accurate IP video switching, graphics overlaying, AI-based closed captioning, and storing and forwarding file transfers.

The TVU Server is also the gateway to TVU Grid®, allowing IP content to easily be routed and distributed within your network or with partner networks.

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