Integrate custom actions with SRM Framework 1.2.10

Integrate custom actions with SRM Framework 1.2.10

SRM Framework 1.2.10 is now available for download.

SRM Framework provides a flexible solution for the management of resources and the orchestration of the associated virtual functions. The framework offers many standard functionalities, such as booking life cycle management and service orchestration.

While the set of features allows the support of many use cases, there is still a need to customize the booking application and to support very specific requests.

For this reason, the framework has been further extended, so that it is possible to embed custom actions in the user interface. This can be done without editing any component part of the solution (Visio or code). That way, a future upgrade to a more recent version of the framework will not have an impact on that custom part.

Custom actions could initiate the creation of a backup booking based on an initial booking or trigger an email report related to a booking.

Next to the usual service states supported by the framework (start, stop, pause, standby), the user can now define extra custom actions. It is possible to trigger them at any point in time and launch the life cycle service orchestration script.

The feature could, for instance, trigger LSO to switch a booking to a backup path.

For a complete list of features and enhancements of SRM 1.2.10, check the release notes.

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  1. Leander Druwel

    Great release again! Support of custom actions but still maintaining seamless upgradability towards future SRM versions.

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