Home is where DataMiner is: Jan’s quest goes on

Home is where DataMiner is: Jan’s quest goes on

Jan Staelens, Principal System Developer, is on to the eight episode of his smart home quest. It’s getting more and more interesting to see everything he can do with DataMiner at home. For example, he’s been very creative with Shelly in episode 7.

And in the next one, he explains all about water level detection, shows how to fix his game server monitoring, and gets into much more really interesting and innovative information. That’s why you should definitely take a look at his YouTube channel, as it’s quite mind-blowing. Looking forward to the next episodes, so stay tuned!

Here’s a link to his channel. Enjoy the watch!

3 thoughts on “Home is where DataMiner is: Jan’s quest goes on

  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Great new episode! You scared me for a moment though when that bath tub suddenly came into the picture – LOL. Really looking forward to more, and to see this growing to become the Mother of all smart home systems (although it seems to be evolving more towards a data center rather than a home now). PS: one key piece of information for a smart home system is to be aware if you are home or not (so it can switch of your heating if you leave the house for example). Did you already consider how you would tackle that with DataMiner? Checking if your phone is on the Wifi maybe?

    • Jan Staelens

      Interesting idea! I’ve considered it but regardless of what I decide, I def. need to have a ‘guest’ mode for when I’m not at home but I have a guest over.
      As I’ve heard some funny stories where the cleaning lady gets stuck in people their smart homes. Or the owner runs out to the shop and suddenly his house guests are in the cold and dark when everything turns off.

      I was actually considering tracking my car (or indeed my phone) to know when to start preparing specific things as I get closer to home but leaving any home ‘exit strategy’ as a manual button using dataminer mobile.

  2. Arturo Lizcano

    A motion sensor (dual preferably) and Cell-phone/wearable detection could solve the issue.

    The flow will be:
    – Sensor detects that something is moving and sends the signal to Dataminer
    – Dataminer then searches for your phone or any other wearable with that capability (Galaxy Watch can do that)
    – If both are present, nothing happens… you are still warm.
    – If the phone is missing, you receive a notification asking if you want to keep the heat on (or the door unlocked); you click yes… everybody is happy.
    – If you don’t have guests… then an automatic call to the police needs to be implemented ^_^

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