Elasticsearch 7.x & AWS compatibility

Elasticsearch 7.x & AWS compatibility

At present, DataMiner only supports Elasticsearch versions in the 6.x range. However, instead of looking into support for Elasticsearch 7, we are now investigating the option of becoming compatible with AWS OpenSearch because of Elastic’s licensing changes. AWS OpenSearch was created as a fork from Elastic 7.10, so this is currently not yet compatible with DataMiner.

Note that this doesn’t mean that we are not compatible with AWS! DataMiner has been compatible with AWS’s Elasticsearch and with Open Distro (an earlier AWS fork of Elasticsearch) since DataMiner version 10.1.1:

  • You can set up an Elasticsearch cluster on AWS as long as it is based on an Elasticsearch version in the 6.x range.
  • Open Distro versions in the 0.x range are also supported, but keep in mind that Open Distro has been discontinued.

Any Elasticsearch versions from 7.0.0 onwards are not supported at the moment. This includes the new AWS OpenSearch, but this is where we’re looking to make a change soon. So keep your eyes peeled!

Quick summary


  • Any Elasticsearch 6.1 version
  • Any Elasticsearch 6.1 version through AWS from DataMiner 10.1.1/10.2.0 onwards
  • Open Distro versions that are based on Elastic 6.x (this is mentioned when you set this up on AWS)

Not compatible (at the moment):

  • Elasticsearch 7.0
  • OpenSearch by AWS

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