Discover our new & improved Skylicons

Discover our new & improved Skylicons

We’ve recently updated our entire Skylicon library. All icons received a fresh coat of paint and are now available in duotone and monotone. And we’ve also added a whole bunch of new icon sets for you to discover!

Our Skylicon library is completely free to use. To quickly navigate through the entire library, you can use the search bar at the top of the page.

All icons are available as PNG, XAML or SVG files. And you can also download the stencil to use the icons in Visio.

So make sure you are completely up to date and download our improved Skylicons!

Tip: Did you know that you can simply drag and drop from the Skylicons library straight into your PowerPoint, Word, Visio, or any other document?

1 thought on “Discover our new & improved Skylicons

  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Lovely! Great set of icons. And love the way you can drag and drop those in your Powerpoint to build diagrams quickly, but also to have the MS Visio version to use in DataMiner Visual Overview.

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