DataMiner Integration Studio v2.35

DataMiner Integration Studio v2.35

DIS version 2.35 is now available for download! This new version features multiple improvements, including the highlights below.

For a complete overview of all changes in this new version, check the release notes.

Not familiar yet with the DataMiner Integration Studio? You can learn all about it on the DIS expert hub.

Support for Visual Studio 2022

On the 8th of November, Microsoft released its brand-new Visual Studio 2022.

This update came with quite some new challenges, like the wide variety of new recommendations and big changes regarding the way to write extensions. This new version now fully supports Visual Studio 2022 and adheres to the latest recommendations from Microsoft. (You can learn all about the changes and new features of Visual Studio 2022 on the Microsoft blog.)

As a consequence of the above and since Visual Studio 2015 has already been out of mainstream support for a year, we decided to drop support for Visual Studio 2015.

This will allow us to benefit from later versions of packages and target a newer version of the .NET Framework.

Note that DIS 2.34 will remain available here for anyone still running Visual Studio 2015. However, it will no longer receive any updates.

DIS Validator – Improved Navigation to QAction C# code results

Up to now, when you double-clicked on a validator result that described an error in the C# code of a QAction in the DIS Validator tool window, Visual Studio would jump to the start of the tag in the protocol XML file.

However, from now on it will jump to the actual line containing the error in the C# file.

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