DataMiner Integration Studio v2.34

DataMiner Integration Studio v2.34

DIS version 2.34 is now available for download! This new version features multiple improvements, including the highlights below.

For a complete overview of all changes in this new version, check the release notes.

Not familiar yet with the DataMiner Integration Studio? You can learn all about it on the DIS expert hub.

Multi-selection in Validator results

The Validator now allows you to select multiple results in order to:

  • Copy them.
  • Fix them in bulk.
  • Suppress them in bulk.
  • Postpone them in bulk.

Note that bulk fixing, suppression and postponing features will only be enabled if the selected results all have the same error code.

Minimum DataMiner Version

The Validator now includes a Minimum DataMiner Version Detector check, which will scan the protocol for used DataMiner protocol features and compare it to the minimum supported DataMiner version as defined via the “Protocol.Compliancies.MinimumRequiredVersion” XML tag.

Note this check will require a bit of maintenance on our side to keep it up-to-date so we can’t guarantee it to be a fully exhaustive check at all times, but this should already be of great help.

Relations vs Foreign Keys validation

The Validator now includes a Relations vs Foreign Keys validation making sure that:

  • All Relations have Foreign Keys matching their path.
  • All Foreign Keys are covered by a Relation.

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