DataMiner Integration Studio v2.33

DataMiner Integration Studio v2.33

DIS version 2.33 is now available for download! This new version features multiple improvements, including the highlights below.

For a complete overview of all changes in this new version, refer to the release notes.

Run Major Change Checker on Solution Based Protocols

The new “DIS Comparer” tool window to make it easier to run the major change checker on solution-based protocols. In the future, this tool window will be extended to also make it possible to compare the content itself and to compare validator results of two versions.

Edit QAction ID

A shortcut has been implemented to easily change the ID of a QAction. When you change the ID, the following items will be updated:

  • The id attribute of the <QAction> tag
  • The name of the C# project (“QAction_ID”)
  • The name of the main C# file (“QAction_ID.cs”)
  • The name of the default namespace (“QAction_ID”)
  • The AssemblyInfo.cs file
  • The name of the project folder on disk

Base Class Library Improvements

  • In addition to several bug fixes and enhancements, the following new features have been implemented:
    • Full support for services
    • Monitor service state and alarm level
    • Monitor support for full table changes

Validator improvements

We’re continuing to improve the validator, with several more new checks and enhancements in this update.

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